Key Statements

“Despite the vast efforts deployed by the Government of Sierra Leone and development partners, adolescent girls remain the most vulnerable segment of the population in this country. Teenage pregnancy is among the most pervasive problems young women and girls in Sierra Leone. This cannot be the future that we prepare for our daughters”
H.E. the President, Ernest Bai Koroma

Girls hold the key to a society without poverty. There is clear evidence that investing in girls leads to better educated, safer, healthier, and economically powerful adolescent girls. This contributes to a substantially better future not just for the individual girls, but also for their families, communities, and for their country.
H.E. the President, Ernest Bai Koroma

The National Strategy for the Reduction of Teenage Pregnancy involves all key stakeholders and present simple but ambitious solution to Teenage Pregnancy. But more than that, it is a commitment that we make for the younger generations.
H.E. the President, Ernest Bai Koroma

“Teenage Pregnancy is a problem that cannot be addressed if we do not target these social norms, our traditions, that make it a normal thing to see 12-year old girls carrying babies.”
Miatta Kargbo, Minister of Health and Sanitation

“One in every three teenage girls in this country is pregnant or has already had a child. These girls are risking their lives and we have for too long looked the other way. Teenage Pregnancy is killing our daughters and these girls are too young to die”.
Miatta Kargbo, Minister of Health and Sanitation

Sierra Leone finds itself at the forefront of a global effort that places adolescents, the force of tomorrow, at the center of social and economical development. And to do so, our country has developed an approach that is both ambitious and innovative: the development of a participatory, collaborative and multi-sectoral initiative: the National Strategy for the Reduction of Teenage Pregnancy.”
Kelfala Marrah, Minister of Finance and Economic Development

“Teenage Pregnancy is destroying happy memories of the past. It is depriving girls from the joy of the present. It is breaking any hope they may have for the future. And beyond these girls, it is all of Sierra Leone that is suffering. Families, communities, every body is concerned.
Alhaji Alpha Kanu, Ministry of Information and Communication

“Girl should be seen carrying books, not babies. Girls should be at school, not in the maternity wards”
Jens Toyberg-Frandzen, Representative of the UN Secretary in Sierra Leone