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The National Secretariat was created to ensure close coordination, internal communication as well as regular Monitoring and reporting. The Secretariat is placed under the authority of the Multisectoral Coordinating Committee (involving all concerned Ministers), which defines its role and prerogatives and to which it reports on a quarterly basis. For day-to-day activities, the Secretariat is placed under the direct supervision of MOHS. The Secretariat’s tasks can be divided in four categories:

• General coordination of the Strategy’s activities,

• Design and operation of a simple but efficient M&E system,

• Coordination of the resource management plan and

• Support to the development of an external and internal communication strategy. The Secretariat is composed of the following members:


Ms. Patricia A. Bah - The Coordinator of the National Secretariat

Ms. Patricia A. Bah is responsible for the general tasks of the Secretariat, ensure appropriate coordination of the partners and ensure involvement of all stakeholders.


Mr. Philippe Lust-Bianchi - The Programme Specialist

Mr. Philippe Lust-Bianchi supports the coordination of the activities of the Strategy, assist in resource mobilization efforts and is responsible for the relations with the Donors, Development partners and stakeholders of the National Strategy.


Ms. Juliet Chiluwe - The M&E Officer

Ms. Juliet Chiluwe is responsible to manage the M&E System, to interact with partners on data collection exercises and coordinates all reporting activities.


Ms. Abibatu Koroma - The National Communication Officer

Ms. Abibatu Koroma manages all communication and information activities of the National Secretariat, as well as collaborates with partners to coordinate the development of the Behavior Change Communication Strategy on teenage pregnancy.